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AIDS Testing

AIDS Testing and Home AIDS Test

Getting tested for AIDS and HIV has never been more important. If you are sexually active and never took the precaution to wear a condom, you should undergo AIDS testing. AIDS is a widespread sexually transmitted disease affecting millions of people all over the world. Everyone can have AIDS regardless of the age, country and profession through unprotected sexual intercourse, blood transfer and by even drinking the breast milk of someone who is infected with this deadly disease. Since 2006, 25 million people died of AIDS and it is important to go through AIDS testing so as seek early treatment and prevent this disease from spreading.

Contrary to what other think, HIV and AIDS are not exactly the same. HIV is caused by immunodeficiency virus which attacks the body¡¯s immune system. A person that has HIV will most likely develop AIDS and never vice versa. When a person has AIDs, his immune system barely functions. This makes him vulnerable to all kinds of diseases such as cancer, diabetes and will also most likely develop malignant tumors. AIDS can infect all organs of the body and has well documented neurological effects to the person.

Seeking for the Cure

As of today, there is no known cure for AIDS. However, a lot of developments had been made in our quest for the every illusive cure for AIDS. Hundreds of laboratories and thousands of professionals are working all over the world to find the cure. Some of these laboratories are privately funded and some are funded by the government.

Even though AIDS has no cure yet, there were methods that were discovered that are effective in slowing the effects of both HIV and AIDS. This means that a person infected with any of the mentioned sexually transmitted diseases can live longer under treatment now than decades ago.

There are various ways to determine if a person has AIDS and they are available in everywhere. If you suspect that you might have AIDS, you should have yourself checked for AIDS using either the ELISA test or the western blot test. You might have unknowingly contracted this disease and pass it to someone so it is advisable to seek medical help as early as you can.

AIDS testing were never as accurate now. Decades ago, many people tested with AIDS came up with false positives and false negatives. Today, the accuracy of AIDS testing is better. AIDS testing is done with confidentiality and all you have to do is submit either a saliva or blood sample to the testing center and wait for a couple of days for the results.


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